An Ultimate Guide to Photo Booth Rentals in Merced

The photography sector has changed so much in Merced, California. One important aspect of taking photos, especially in the outdoors, is having a photo booth. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception or a corporate event, you can capture special memories when you have an amazing photo booth. While there are DIY ideas for the photo booth, technology is pushing the locals to consider rental photo booths. With a wedding photo booth rental Merced, for instance, you don’t need a camera to shoot quality photos as the booth comes with an inbuilt camera and other photography devices. In addition, you are allowed to share and print images onsite.

Best Merced Photo Booth Rental Company

Benefits of Photo Booth

Generally, a photo booth guarantees you the following benefits:

1.      Quality Photos: The modern photo booths are designed to shoot more high-quality images than what you get from standard cameras. This is because light, color intensity, and contrast are controlled. So, every moment of your event is captured as it is. Basically, if you can’t afford a high-quality camera, just rent a high-end photo booth.

2.      Entertainment: With a photo booth rental Merced, your guests have the freedom to break the ice and express themselves when their images are taken. Since the booths come with amazing backdrop themes, it becomes easy for your guests to change the appearance of the different images that they take. They can also pose differently when creating images.

3.      Great Souvenir: Rental photo booths usually come with customized features for names, special dates, and other personalized information that you may want to capture in the photos. This helps to add sentimental value to the images taken. No matter how long it takes, you can always look at the customized images and recall the moments.

4.      Perfect Guestbook: Nowadays, you don’t have to ask your guests to sign the designated guestbook. What you need is a photo booth. It allows you to remember your guests by capturing their images. In case you forget some names, you can always inquire by referring to the images. The images allow you to keep the memories for long.

5.      Video shots: Contemporary photo booths not only allow you to take photographs but videos too. Your guests can create a few seconds of fun footages that you can transfer to an external device for storage purpose. You are allowed to access the videos almost immediately.

Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings and Events

When you have a high-quality camera or you have hired a photographer for the event, you have the option of creating your own photo booth. Here are the top ideas to use:

1.      Curtain Photo Booth: This is a simple and cheap idea that suits all kinds of events. You need an attractive curtain that resonates with the theme of your event. It’s supposed to act as your backdrop. Therefore, your guests are supposed to stand in front of the camera before the shots are taken.

2.      Chalkboard Booth: With a chalkboard photo booth Merced, your guests can write a special message or draw an attractive image before they are captured on camera. You just need one chalkboard and everyone can write whatever they want as long as it agrees with the theme of the event.

3.      Hanging Props: This idea allows you to hang photo frames, paper strips or bottles from a tree. The hanging props are meant to act as your backdrop. In this case, your guests are supposed to stand there when their images are taken. You are expected to match the props with your theme.

4.      Cupcake Foils Backdrop: This photo booth Merced idea requires folded cupcake foils (of different colors) and cords. The cords are passed through the folded cupcake foils in a vertical manner to act as the backdrop for your photo booth.

5.      Speech Bubbles: Lastly, you can prepare speech cards to act as your backdrops. Your guest should write special quotes or words there before their images are taken.

Rental Photo Booth Features

While the above ideas are great for a DIY photo booth, you may find it necessary to rent a photo booth if you can’t afford a great camera or you just want your images taken professionally. Here are the top features that a modern photo booth needs to possess:

·         Studio quality shots: Most rental photo booths come with an inbuilt high-quality that’s meant to shoot superior images. However, you have to confirm this detail before renting the booth.

·         Background variety: The interesting aspect of a wedding photo booth rental Merced is different backgrounds. You are provided with dozens of theme and props to choose from.

·         Touchscreen: Things get better with modern photo booths. They come with touchscreens that you can operate to choose the customization that you want for your photos.

·         External Live Monitor: The modern designs come with an external monitor that you can use to view live proceedings of the events happening inside the booth.

·         Express Sociability: A good photo booth should allow you to share the images taken online. So, you’ll need to look for features like social media uploading, online gallery, video messaging, photo sharing, and live streaming. These features will give you massive freedom for sharing the images with your guests.

For these features and many others, you should consider Best Shots Photo Booth.

About Best Shots Photo Booth

Best Shots Photo Booth is a photo booth company based in Central Valley, California. The company enjoys over 5 years of photo booth rental service delivery. So, they are the company to call when you want to rent a modern photo booth for your wedding, private party, or corporate function. They are equipped with high-quality and fun photo booths to help you create amazing photos. With social media uploading and onsite printing assured, Best Shots Photo Booth is the best in the region.

Currently, they have three popular packages that you can consider:

1.      2-Hour Package ($480): This plan provides you with a high-end photo booth that can fit about 25 people. Some of the features to enjoy are:

·         LED backdrop

·         Personal messaging

·         High-quality onsite photo printing

·         Onsite engagements

·         Black and white and color printing

2.      3-Hour package ($680): This plan also accommodates the same number of people as the 2-hour plan. It also enjoys the features found in the 2-hour package. The advantage though is that you get an additional hour after paying extra.

3.      4-Hour Package ($880): Just like the other two packages, this plan accommodates about 25 people and features the same provisions. The extra advantage is that you get up to 4 hours.

With respect to the above packages, you can extend your hours by paying $150/hour and can get a scrapbook also at $150.

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